Lexi DeYoung

Lexi DeYoung has been an online fitness coach for 5+ years. Her dream as a child was literally “to help people” and through her own journey, she found that she was truly meant to help women find their most confident and powerful selves specifically through fitness, nutrition, and personal development. Lexi struggled with an eating disorder throughout her adolescence and early adult life (nearly 6 years). One day, along her recovery journey, she decided to try lifting some weights rather than going to the cardio room. She found so much joy and strength in the gym and that carried over to finding strength in every other aspect of life. She started eating to fuel herself to be her strongest and healthiest self rather than to be the smallest. Of course, after restricting her body for years, Lexi had a lot of work to do to heal her internal health as well her relationship with food and her body. Her mission now is to help women find the same strength and confidence, while being the source of support, guidance, and knowledge that she wishes she had throughout her own journey.