Rebecca Johnstone

Rebecca is a certified Online Fitness & Nutrition Coach as well as N1 certified. She loves to go out and dance on the weekends. Outside of the gym, she is obsessed with sand volleyball. Rebecca is addicted to the sun and lives for a good tan, so living in Austin, Texas is perfect for her! Rebecca spent years struggling with a poor relationship with food, exercise, and her body; causing her to live in a constant state of restriction. She became so caught up in trying to be “healthy” that she actually became unhealthy. Since then Rebecca has learned what it means to live a balanced lifestyle, to no longer be afraid of certain foods or social events, and feels much more confident in her body and life. She truly believes her purpose is to show people that YOUR LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED. You can live a healthy life & crush it in the gym while still enjoying the things/foods that you love. Life is too short not to eat the bagel or enjoy a margarita!