Body Image Bootcamp


Body Image Bootcamp Is A 4-Week Comprehensive Course That Gives You All The Tools You Need To Step Into The Most Powerful, Radiant Version Of Yourself.

Uncover the root cause of your body-confidence struggles & learn tools to rewire your brain – so you can finally achieve the glow-up you deserve!

This course is an evidence-based approach that provides all the tools to:

  • heal your relationship with your body
  • make more progress in the gym (and actually enjoy it)
  • feel confident in your clothes year-round
  • improve health & digestion
  • build stronger relationships
  • never let insecurity hold you back again

This hands-on, self-paced course includes

  • 4 modules, with over 15 total sections, covering…
    • the psychological components of body image
    • getting to the root cause of your lack of confidence
    • self-worth & self-compassion
    • body functionality
    • developing body appreciation
    • exercise & body image
    • & so much more!
  • hard-hitting reflection questions & journal prompts
  • actionable takeaways to implement immediately
  • homework assignments for lifestyle integration

BONUS: You’ll automatically have access to any course upgrades made in the future!


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